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Zombie Property Media Coverage: New York State

Schenectady, Albany and Troy Join Forces to Sue N.J. Bank They Say is Responsible for 18 Zombie Properties
(Published July 18, 2021)

New law helps local officials find those responsible for ‘zombie properties’
(Published December 3, 2020)

New York Is Trying to Kill Zombie Homes
(Published December 19, 2019)

New York Using $9 Million From RBS Settlement to Fight Zombie Homes
(Published January 29, 2019)

New York Zombie Property Survival Guide
(Published October 24, 2018)

New York Zombie Property Survival Guide
(Published October 24, 2018)

New York City Files Lawsuits Against Mortgage Holders of Zombie Homes
(Published September 19, 2018)

New York City’s Zombie Houses: Why More Homes Are Vacant and Abandoned
(Published May 8, 2018)

New York City Unveils New Strategy to Fight Zombie Homes
(Published November 3, 2017)

A.G. Schneiderman Announces Nearly $13 Million in Awards for Cities to Combat Zombie Homes
(Published June 22, 2017)

Zombie Property Media Coverage: Erie County

Kearns’ task force wipes out ‘zombie’ in Clarence, takes aim at others
(Published September 10, 2021)

Erie County Clerk’s Office Using New Database to Combat Zombie Homes
(Published March 20, 2018)

Erie County Goes Ivy League in Tracking Zombie Homes (video)
(Published April 4, 2018)

Combating Zombie Properties: Erie County, WNY Law Center Gains Significant New Partner in Columbia Law School
(Published April 4, 2018)

Zombie Home Fight Gets Help From Law Students
(Published April 5, 2018)

The Fight Against Zombie Homes Finds a New Ally
(Published April 6, 2018)

Tracking Zombie Properties is a Goal of Law Center Partnership
(Published April 16, 2018)

Foreclosure Task Force to Fight Zombie Homes
(Published August 16, 2018)